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Three Points and a Bathtub

April 28, 2012

I fell, shattering my ankle.

Had many new “learning opportunities” with that.

Some will yield lessons for years to come.

There are other things you’d rather not hear about.  At least I hope that’s true, because I don’t want to relive them as I tell them.

Somewhere in between are things are so simple they shock me with their power.

This is one of them.

For years I wondered why the house had a bathtub on the main floor bathroom, right off the living room and kitchen.

It seemed goofy.

But now I understand.  For several days after my accident, my world was reduced to:

1. my chair where my cast was easily kept elevated, just like the surgeon said,

2. our kitchen table where I would not just eat also brush my teeth and shave (I know; grosses me out, too),

3. my couch-sized guest room bed set up temporarily in the living room (thank you, Brother-in-Law David),


4. that bathtub in the bathroom by the kitchen and the living room.  Which was invaluable when I couldn’t get around easily and get upstairs to the shower.

What was once goofy to me became great beyond measure.

Time was that some preachers were taught a standard formula for their sermons: “Three Points and a Poem.”   I learned from Three Points (chair, kitchen table, guest bed) and A Bathtub.

No poem needed.

Just a couple of questions: what other Bathtubs do you and I have in our lives, that we walk by  regularly, perhaps with a secret sneer of derision?   And what will it take for us to see clearly the wisdom of their very presence?

Feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll see you back here soon.

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  1. Debbie Lappin permalink

    I reread your April 16th post and wondered what you would say has changed for you in the last 12 days?.. . . Hope you are feeing better each day. You are in my prayers.


  2. Janet permalink

    God uses all of life-good and bad-to help us appreciate many of those things we take for granted or perhaps don’t understand. May you find blessings through this unfortunate accident. Praying for you.


    • God’s patience amazes me, Janet…all the things I know I don’t understand, like you say so well, and God gives us chance after chance to do so.

      Good stuff from a great God who loves us!


  3. Conni Cash permalink

    My bath tub is the kitchen sink. After being in the hospital for three weeks, all I wanted to do was cook a meal and do dishes. Not something that you would think of wanting to do, but I welcomed it open returning home. And you will always look differently at a bathtub and I will always look differently at the kitchen sink with dishes.


  4. Nanette Traband permalink

    I have to say my “bathtub” would be the front door and front steps out of the house. The steps that are not steep, have a handrail, and even a wide window sill one can grab if need be. When I broke my leg last fall, I was going down the steep back porch steps with no handrails. When I turned my foot on that gumball, I went down, arms flailing for something to catch on. It wasn’t till the ER and having to come home with walker and back to steps with a rail, that I even remembered I had a front yard. I am boycotting the back steps until they install a rail (the steps installing it themselves would be the only way it will happen), but by using the front porch with its amenable railed steps, I am re-engaging my neighbors across the street and can even chat with the ones on either side as I make the longer trek to the carport. Though still suffering from muscle atrophy and having to use the cane yet, my world and attitude are much, much larger. The ripple effect has been quite nice too. All because I found that other bathtub I knew existed but abjured, had a larger purpose.


    • Nanette, isn’t it weird how that whole thing of not remembering you had a front yard works?

      And it sounds like in the remembering you found the door to a whole new slice of the world.

      Thanks for telling all that!


  5. Katie Holt permalink

    Definitely our recliner. I used to think they were for old retired folk, but this puppy got me through the last month of pregnancy, the first 8 weeks of life with Ben, many naps and snuggles with my little men, and it’s where I do my best sermon prep and writing. It’s now my favorite place to sit and I secretly like when Ben is too stuffed up to sleep in his crib so we can come back to ‘our’ recliner.


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