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And Then There Was This Other Time…Easter Tuesday

April 10, 2012

How many people saw Jesus after that first Easter?

How many places?

How many times?

How often?


You can comb through Scripture and find it was to quite a large number of people, in a variety of places, and happened more than ten times.

My favorite part is how most are introduced: somewhat casually, as if to say, “Oh, yeah, wait a minute now, there was this other time, too.”

Today, the real quesiton  for us revolves around things like you and me paying attention and being alert enough to recognize Him.


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  1. Janet Longtin permalink

    exactly, how often Jesus is present with us and through us and we don’t even realize it, one of my favorite stories of the New Testement is the walk to Emmaus. He is there even when we don’t recognize him.


  2. More aware of Jesus because of your holy season messages this year. Thanks.


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