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Holy Monday (…but, aren’t they all?!)

April 2, 2012

Yesterday was Palm Sunday.

We began this week we call Holy.

A friend likes to nudge me and ask, “But aren’t they ALL holy?”

A great teacher named Bill taught a whole bunch of us in Atlanta how true that is, “because of Christ Jesus,” he’d say.

We can reach back to the Old Testament and grab a handful of “God-saw-that-it-was-good” and stir in some “Take off your sandals, Moses, you’re standing on Holy Ground!”

From the New Testament we pick up a pile of “For God so loved the world” which was in its original language “For God so loved all of creation.”

We can cover it all in layers of being “a new creation in Christ” and the promise of “a new day.”

And suddenly we realize that just as we started Holy Week yesterday, this really is a Holy Monday.

What are you going to do to treat it as that?

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  1. Interesting a whole week dedicated to the use of “Holy”. Considering the Easter service is always a crowd pleaser, I guess “Holy” is a good term to use. But I also have a suggestion, the use of “Holy” has been connected to Holy week, Holy cow, Holy smoke. “Holy” is a term that we use quite frequently to show that someone is a christian. But if we could not talk, how would anyone know that we were a christain?


    • Oooooh, love the way you’re thinking here, and you and the Bible Study guy are SO on the same page.

      Sorta like that classic line attributed to St. Francis, to the effect of “always be sharing the Gospel — and if you have to, even use words,” eh?


  2. Nanette Traband permalink

    Too bad there isn’t a “like” button for comments, reithien would have one!


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