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When They Sanitized My Lord: Ash Wednesday, Five Weeks Later

March 29, 2012

“Where you there, when they crucified my Lord?” asks that old song.

Anymore, we might well ask, too, “Were you there, when they politicized my Lord?”

Or maybe, “Were you there, when they sanitized my Lord?”

You’ll have some more ideas.  Please share them, here or on FB or in line somewhere with me this week.

And I’ll see you back here soon.

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  1. Katie Holt permalink

    Joe, your blog entries always make me think deeply. After reading this one, I can’t help but think Jesus is shaking his head at all we do in his name and the name of our Father. Helps me to think and see beyond what we as a church and society have done out of hatred and selfishness instead out of love. This lent, I took on the practice of doing things only in love and goodness, how it has changed my perspective and reactions. I wonder how different our world would be if we actually lived the life Jesus preached and lived himself instead of taking our own politics and agendas and throwing them onto Jesus just to justify what we feel and do. Thanks for another great message.


  2. Nanette Traband permalink

    Lent has passed, but before and during, I have been shaking my head at the habit of politicians beating us and each other over the head with their “Christianity.” LikeChrist, our country grants the freedom of religion free from the Publicans/politicians and edicts issued from them.

    I once heard an Air Force Chaplain speak at a Prayer Breakfast. One thing that stuck with me from his speech as his comments about having being a Baptist Minister, but becoming Chaplain, he was charged with all denominations along with people of Jewish, Muslim, B’hai…all faiths. His denomination was not important as was his presence.

    The look on his face and the accompanying emanating warmth and glow in his eyes as he said, “I have never failed to be blessed by just being present with God in the joys and sorrows in any situation.” I didn’t write it down, but it returned to me as I completed the 16-week training as an Assistant Hospital Chaplain during that first meeting when the first rule was that we could not
    proselytise. I suddenly realized that he was talking about just that, especially as the Chaplain (the one training us) said that it was our presence and their lead.

    That was most likely the point in my life when I realized that living my Faith was more important than making it platable to sway another. I had to live it for them to believe it.

    Wish I had been reading here when this was written, but hope you don’t mind my belated thoughts.


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