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It’s Not That Complicated

March 26, 2012

He leaned over to me in Sunday School and said, “Sometimes I think we make it all too complicated.”

I agreed.

And since then, he’s made me wonder: if we do make the Gospel more complicated than Christ Jesus did, what would be the essence of it?

What 2 or 3 things would you name as essential to your faith and understanding?  And why?

I can get it down to two:

1. John 3:16 and 17

2. John 10:10

Okay, technically that’s 3 verses if you wanna get picky.

But they tell about God’s love, not condemnation.  And about the abundant life we’re offered.

What would your 2 or 3 be?

Feel free to leave a comment here, or hit me up on FB, or let’s talk over coffee or at the gas pump.

Thanks, and I’ll see you back here soon.

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  1. Chuck Shelquist permalink

    Joe. I like those. I guess I would selected verses from 1 Cor 13 that tell us what love is. If we could all be what love is and not what love ins’t we would not need courts, judges, or most lawyers. OH what a world that would be!!!!!


    • Thanks for this.

      You’re right: haven’t found a better definition of love than that. And I’m always amazed to remember that it’s from that sometimes-cranky St. Paul!


  2. Nina Morwell permalink

    Romans 8:38 – 39. Nothing can separate us from the love of God as revealed in Christ Jesus. This gives me both strength and comfort, as needed.


    • Thank you for this.

      That’s a passage that finds its way into every funeral I do.

      I especially love your “as needed” addition!


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