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Simplicity: Ash Wednesday, Three Weeks Later

March 15, 2012

How many ways are there to have a Holy Lent?

For decades we’ve been told it takes 7 habits to be an effective person.

Many of us know the value of 12 steps.

I get daily updates online about 5 easy ways to do something, 10 guidelines to getting this, 21 things to do to be that, 101 favorites on a list, and today someone actually sent me a chance to learn 501 ways to save time.  Yikes!

Is it really that complicated?

“Love God and love people” seems to summarize what Christ Jesus  said in this context.  Luke 10:25-37 has details,  but He boiled it down to two things.

And then I hear the echo of a phrase I read early in my ministry.  It was from another century in a lecture by C.H. Spurgeon: he liked to keep the emphasis on “One Thing Necessary.”

If you’re going to have a Holy Lent by loving God and loving people, what’s the One Thing Necessary for you to do next?

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  1. Milford Gibbs permalink

    Hey buddy, I found your blog. I am fine and things here are going full force. I’ll catch you up sometime and I like the concept. What next thing.. that is a good way to “lean into” the Lenten season.


    • Thank you, Bro Gibbs! I was just telling a story about us in Atlanta earlier this week. Really wanna get together with you. Sounds like grabbing our calendars is the “One Thing Necessary,” eh? Check yr email/FB-msg.


    • Glad we finally made contact, and made plans.


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