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That 4 Letter Word: Living Frank’s Prayer, Part 14 of 14

March 14, 2012


We add this little word at the end of prayers.

As if it’s a code word for “Okay, I’m done praying now.”

But traditionally it’s been used to mean “May it be so.”

A friend likes to say it really means “And how fabulous is THAT?!”

I love that.  For the next several days, consider that usage and meaning when you toss out the word “Amen.”

With our Prayer of St. Francis, after asking God to help us live so graciously, “And how fabulous is THAT?!” fits astonishingly well.

It propels us to get busy living as we’ve been praying.

“And how fabulous is THAT?””

See you back here soon.

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One Comment
  1. Nanette Traband permalink

    When I was growing up at St. John’s, we had a member, Little Mary, who was quite bold in her Amens during sermons. As kids we would make fun of her, but in adulthood I miss hearing those staunch “And how fabulous is THAT?!?” comments. I have been known to say it during sermons myself, but only audible someone with super human hearing. There have been only a couple of times that it escaped with force I couldn’t control. Little Mary (a legend for those who remember her in the Methodist Church Life), had a Faith I aspire to and hers was unapologetic! I keep striving! I may slip occasionally in prayer now or in responding to someone someone writes now with, “And how fabulous is THAT?!?”


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