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Time to Talk?

March 12, 2012

I was waiting in a store while Patty was at what I think is called A Specialty Counter.

It had a display with three colors of rubber bracelets availble.  Each color bracelet had a different message written on it.

According to the sign on the counter, customers were invited to pick one and wear it while shopping so the sales staff could respond according to the individual’s needs.

My personal favorite were the neon green ones that read “I have time.  Let’s talk.”

Do you?  And how will people know that today?


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  1. Nanette Traband permalink

    Most who know me, know that I will drop everything for everyone. If I am on my computer when someone calls or knocks at the door for a visit, the computer is shut down immediately (especially kids and grandkids!). The TV bites the dust as well. I have so enjoyed some of the volunteers that have brought my meals on wheels while I have been sidelined. I always cease everything when they walk in. They may only visit for a couple of minutes, but the human contact and availability is crucial to me!

    This was great Joe! Where can I get one of those bracelets for grocery stores and stuff?


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