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We Are Them.

December 15, 2011

“The people that walk in darkness” sounds either ominous or silly.

Walking around in the dark, bumping into something, tripping over something else, or being hit by the unseen can be scary at the very least.

But walking around in the dark when there’s a light switch over there, or a flashlight in your hand, or a friend wearing Night Vision Goggles who will show you the way, is at the very least goofy.

I’ve done both.  Been both.  You too, probably.

And then as always, there’s that nagging thing about how there’s another layer of meaning.  The non-literal stuff.  Images from our lives and our hearts.

This Advent-Christmas season, as we enjoy all the Christmas lights, let’s let them remind us that we don’t need to be walking in darkness.

As our old friend Isaiah said a long time ago, “The light has burst into the darkness!”

So then why are we still so often stumbling around in the dark?

See you back here soon.

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