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She Came Home with This

November 26, 2011

She came home from the music festival with a new folder.

“It fits right in with those t-shirts you’ve been writing about,” her mom told me.  “It says Music Maker on it!”

Don’t you love that?  That’s you: making some kind of music everyday, in your life and with your life.   You are a Music Maker.

“Greet and encourage one another with Psalms and songs and hymns,” says one translation of the New Testament.  Your music can encourage somebody else.  You are a Music Maker.

The book of Psalms says, “Sing to the Lord a new song.”  Let’s don’t get all tripped up right now over what’s new and what’s familiar and what’s who’s favorite song.  Instead, look at what those seven words say.  Notice that making music, moving forward with the new (building on the old is helpful), and worshiping are the important things here.  You are a Music Maker.

Some of us take great comfort in this line from Psalms: “Make a joyful noise to the Lord.”  I can’t sing well, but I can make a joyful noise.  So can you.  You are a Music Maker.

The rest of us need the music only you can make.  As St. Francis said in another context, “If you have to, even use words.”

Le’ts meet back here soon.  Meanwhile, go make some music.  You really are a Music Maker.


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